Who enjoys Caviar Gold?  Since 2009 adults of all ages, ethnicities, professions & backgrounds. People just like YOU are what made this brand possible - so THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and remember to POST your Caviar experience -  tell the world what Caviar means to you!

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Are you the type of person that will smoke just about anything - or do you care about strict medical grade testing for impurities and harmful substances? Caviar only uses the best natural ingredients to deliver high potency products that burn clean and consistently all the way though. Many try to copy the original Caviar Gold but we are still America's favorite leading brand for over 13 years! Caviar is available in over 2000 stores in 6 states: Califiornia, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Michigan & Oklahoma, with the entire country of Canada launching this fall.


I personally know a very wide array of Caviar Gold fans, that include doctors, lawyers, models, CEOs, artists, musicians, comedians, chefs, producers, nurses, blue collar workers and tradesmen, service workers, salespeople, athletes, and everything else in between! Caviar infused cannabis is for everyone seeking the highest quality legal high on the market. Whether you use Caviar as medicine or just for fun, we can all agree that no other product compares with the unique patented formula of Caviar Gold.


This ain't your grandpa's weed - but grandpa still might love it! Back in the day cannabis was all  typically well under 20% THC content. Caviar Gold changed that, by infusing more THC & more CBD using a unique patented process to create a stronger and more satisfying high. All Caviar products test above 40% and are free of chemicals, hormones and pesticides. Please be careful because all Caviar products are typically stronger and are more effective against pain and anxiety, but caution should be taken and good judgement should always be practiced. Never smoke and drive or operate dangerous machines and keep out of reach of children!