There are many ways individuals across the world consume cannabis from a smack-in-the-face-dab of wax all the way to low THC content bottles juice. Needless to say that not all forms of smoking cannabis are created equal. While the intensity varies on the method of consumption, the aroma also varies on the method of consumption. With a pool of situations one may find themselves in when they don’t want their marijuana use to be so obvious there’s definitely a method of cannabis consumption to suffice. Historically, blunts and spliffs have won the gold medal for holding the strongest stench due to being wrapped in tobacco and contain tobacco. Not far behind that is any other method that allows a flame to meet direct contact with the flower. This includes puffing on a joint, rips on the bong, hits off a pipe, or personal bubbler. Surprisingly enough, taking dabs isn't as powerful or lasting compared to the power of a bong. This is because the product itself doesn't have a strong scent but emits a rather pleasant, herbal odor and it is consumed through vaporization. On a less stinkier note, we have cannabis vape pens that hold even less aroma and don’t have the strength to stick onto the fabrics of your home. That is not claiming that dab pens don't smell at all, but they do have significantly less noticeable scent that lingers for only a few minutes after exhaling. Coming in on the scentless consumption options that include experimenting with tinctures, taking edibles, or doses of capsules. Beware of the delayed effects. What’s your experience with the aroma potency of Caviar Gold? Let us know in the reviews!

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