Updated: Jan 25

Do people really learn better when they get high? According to some studies, marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs across the majority of uni students. Not to mention it is arguably the safest to consume. Surprisingly, partaking in some marijuana to overcome the hump of dreading the act of studying can help you ease into getting started. Our friends over at weedmaps have some very helpful insight when it comes to the smoke sesh before the study sesh. A neuroscientist and advisor to weedmaps , Dr. Adie Rae, has stated that cannabis is a well known mood booster. It is important to note that the euphoric effects fall on a spectrum and depend a lot on your baseline mood state. In addition, cannabis is also widely known as a stress reducer. So how do you get stones while getting smart? It is advised to microdose cannabis in order to feel the benefits without getting weighed down by the heavier, lazier effects some strains may bring on.

As far as brainstorming goes, marijuana has glowing benefits for writers, musicians and various other art students and aids in overcoming the stressful creativity blocks. Enjoying a proper dose of the right strain of marijuana allows labyrinthine, productive creativity and obscure ideas to come forth. How do you know what the best study strains are? Well, weedmaps gives you access to research all of your favorite weed strains wheather thats is to get dumb stones, or just spark a bit of motivation. A classic favorite could be Blue Dream of course, an invigorating sativa that you can rely on to aid in helping you get shit done. Ringo’s Gift is another low THC content bud with uplifting effects that make the study ride a little smoother.

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