The aroma of cannabis tends to have mixed reviews amongst its users; many people rave on about the funky, pungent, and skunky smell. On the other hand there are marijuana users who actually can't stand the natural fragrance that comes with it. So where does that poignant aroma come from? Luckily in today's world, modern advanced science is able to uncover a new family of prenylated volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that gives cannabis its signature scent. Researchers analyzed 13 different flowers using a custom manufactured 2D gas chromatography system with several detectors. The most pungent flower tested out of the selection was Bacio Gelato due to it having

the highest concentration of VSCs. Some of these VSCs contained the prenyl functional group and had those skunk-like, sulfuric aromas. In order to confirm the scientists theory that VSC or VSC3 was the ultimate foundation of the funky scent, the research team conducted a greenhouse experiment. The researchers determined that the prenylated VSCs significantly increased as it approached the end to a flowering stage in the process of cannabis growth, then reached a maximum during the curing stage, and decreased dramatically after 10 days of storage. Many different types of bud vary in scent,and although terpenes heavily define the taste and flavor of your flower, just know that the famous skunky aroma all depends on your weed’s VSC.

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