New York is currently in a state of preparation for its adult-use cannabis market, however, the OCM has just announced a significant expansion in the existing medical cannabis program. Although Marijuana retailers have yet to launch in the state of New York, the law signed by Gov. Cuomo permits adults ages 21 years and older to have possession of and publicly consume marijuana. New York doctors will now have authorization to prescribe patients with medical cannabis for any existing condition they feel could be treated with cannabis products. This is a beautiful step up from the policy change made late last year that allowed medical cannabis patients to grow their own plants for consumption. OCM Executive Director Chris Alexander states, “It is important for New Yorkers to know that even as we shift the medical program to OCM, your access will not be disrupted and the program will continue to expand”. It’s been a wild ride for cannabis in the state of New York, but it's refreshing to see progress in policy bills happening more often.

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