Taking a deep dive into joints this week and helping you start your 2022 off right. Rolling and smoking a joint is one of the easiest, and most popular methods of consumption. Several different types of cannabis rolls exist such as a blunt (includes nicotine in the wrap) , or a spliff (includes tobacco), and there are several different types of rolling papers for each one. So once you’re ready to smoke, how do you get the most out of your joint? If you rolled up yourself, remember this pro tip: tearing a thin strip from your rolling paper pack and folding it accordion style to form a crutch that gives your joint stability and prevents shake from falling out! Impress your friends next time you bring your skills to the sesh.

For those who struggle with a common canoe, try puffing on the very tip of your joint when you first light it to get that cherry going. Puffing the tip is important before you start taking long drags because it ensures that an even layer of the flower is being touched by the “controlled” flame. Letting the flames at the top of your preroll get too big can encourage the flame to eat up one side of the joint faster than the other and waste product. Based on customer reviews, it’s rare to run into a problem with canoeing when you’re smoking a Cavi Cone!

Of course, being educated on the strain you are smoking helps your smoking experience reach expectations. Since you’re setting fire straight to the flower, you receive a direct hit of cannabis into your lungs. This means stronger strains will take effect faster and feel, well… strong.

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