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CAVI 101


We're here to educate you about Caviar Gold - the original & only patented cannabis brand on Earth!

Learn these quick informative facts about Caviar to provide accurate information to customers, and be the best budtender you can be at your location. Once you know the facts, upload a video of your version of Cavi 101 - once you got it down, we'll send you 4 Cavi Cones & a jar of patented Moonrocks to your store, along with some cool Cavi swag, and an official diploma with our "CAVI CERTIFIED" stamp so everyone knows you're a true Cavi OG!

Ready to get started? IRemember "knowledge is power" we go :)

1. Caviar is the inventor of infused cannabis - we've been in business for over12 yrs and available in 800 stores in 5 states (CA, OK, AZ, NV, MI)
2. What makes it "Caviar" - great question!
We put liquid THC inside the bud - NOT dipped or sprayed. The buds are literally "infused" all the way through with 95% pure liquid THC distillate so they still break up for a joint, blunt or bong load and burn evenly - unlike other moonrocks & copycats.

3. What does that mean for the customer? 
MORE THC and LESS AIR! ..put it to them just like that. Yes it cost more then ordinary bud with LESS THC, but you get MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK, and that's what should matter to the smart consumer.

4. The celebrity brands "Jay & Silent Bob" plus the new "Ice Cube Fryday & Good Day Kush" are the same super weed formula as Caviar Gold, but developed by them with the specific terpines, THC molecules, and cannabinoid profiles they love the most. These unique strains are only available exclusively from Caviar Gold.