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America's Favorite Cannabis

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Caviar Gold has been putting smiles on people’s faces since launching over 13 years ago. Not only is it the inventor of infused cannabis, but it’s the only patented cannabis brand on Earth.

The brand’s motto is straightforward: “More THC, Less Air.” Instead of selling airy and loose buds that claim to be the strongest of the strong, Caviar Gold promises that its products are compact, potent, and loaded with THC. As mentioned, all its products range from 40-50% THC.

The brand’s consumers are vast, from lawyers and doctors to musicians and nurses. These consumers can all agree that Caviar Gold is the only source of the most potent weed in the game.

That said, Caviar Gold isn’t just for recreational consumers. Thanks to its unique patented formula, the brand invites everyone to find relief in its potent and tested products.

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